Is “Self-Care” Really Necessary?

It’s become a buzzword these days, right up there with “Ascension,” and “Lightworker,” as far as its power to make you…






I mean, who has time for self-care? ‘Twas a time when I thought I might go postal on the next person who preached self-care to me.


I have four kids, and I homeschool the younger two. My husband’s job at the time was very demanding, and his hours away sucked. Then, add in “Ascension symptoms,” and the fact that I was healing a big-ass ancestral trauma for, like, fourteen generations of bitter housewives, AND transmuting the negative belief of unworthiness for the whole damn collective, and I was like, “Self-care?!? Fuck your self-care!”


I didn’t have time for bubble baths, or solo trips to the secluded mountains, or lunch and an afternoon movie with my girlfriends. (Girlfriends? What is this, Sex and The City?)


In short, ain’t nobody got time for self-care, and I was no exception.


Well, guess what?


As usual, the Universe had other plans.


For me, it was either start a regular self-care routine, or curl up and die. It seems to be the theme of my awakening, actually.


Push through or perish.


So, self-care was all up in my chili, and it wasn’t going anywhere until I faced it. I started slow, taking five minutes here, or ten minutes there, to just sit alone in a room and BE. And I did start taking regular baths, mostly what we call “detox” baths (recipe below) to ensure I was removing toxins from my physical body, something we ALL have, but they were baths, and they were heavenly. I would now categorize myself as a “bath person.” I put essential oils in with all the other stuff, and listen to 432 HZ music, and let me tell you, the combination of being in the water, the high-vibe oils soaking into my pores, and the frequency of Mother Gaia pulsing in my earbuds...well, it transports me.


Psst...if you need good, GUARANTEED 432 HZ music, check out John Bass Live on Facebook, and his website, He has a whole page of FREE music, and it will, as he would say, “fuck your shit up!” (In a good way!) Seriously, I’ve not found a more powerful resource, and it really amps up quantum healing. You know...if you’re into that. ;-)


As I tasted the sweet nectar of freedom that is self-care, I wanted more. The five minute meditations quickly grew to an hour, and I started taking advantage of the days my husband was home. I went places, alone. Something I’d never really done before, in over 25 years of marriage. Now, I know what you’re thinking. But, that’s less time with the man, and aren’t we supposed to be cultivating soul connections and relationships right now, building our tribes? Yes, yes we are, and I am.


When I didn’t know the meaning of self-care, all the time in the world with my precious husband wouldn’t have compared to just an hour we might get after I’ve had my “me time.” I’m more open and he’s more open, and we’re all more open! Okay? Okay.


When he was home, I could go for walks in nature, outside, in the fresh air and sunshine, the birds singing, and the leaves blowing in the breeze. I hugged trees. You get the picture. I stopped worrying about how long I’d been away, and just let Gaia tell me when my energetic cup was full.


I learned how to interpret energy, and do energy readings, using oracle cards, crystals, wands, candles, you name it. I started doing readings for other people. This may not seem like self-care, but for me, using my new-found gifts to help others was feeding my soul, and I needed that.


I got certified in Reiki, and quickly realized how that fit into my soul mission. Facilitating healing sessions rejuvenates me, refreshes me, fills me.


I also read, and write, and crochet. These are my Zen.


Now, I’m not saying you have to do these things in order to recharge, but these are the things I found that work for me. Find what works for you. If it’s forming a band, do it. Learning to fly a plane, do it. Petting a llama, do it. We all have our thing.


I incorporate essential oils into ALL the things I do, because I know the power they wield. Adding oils allows me to hit that part of the track in Mario Cart where you get launched faster, and fly past everyone else into first place. Essential oils catapulted me into something I had never known before. Quantum healing.


I know you’re wondering, but, Wendy, that sounds cool and all, but is self-care really necessary?


Is it? Is it REALLY?


I can actually relate this to essential oils, because I’m awesome like that.


You know how when you first discover essential oils, you’re like, “Oh, yeah, they smell nice,” and then after a few months of using them regularly, you graduate to, “I think the oils actually make me feel better,” and then you cross over into the “suddenly can’t get enough of them” realm, and you become that crazy oil lady who keeps a small case of the dang things in her purse, and shares things on Facebook like a t-shirt that says, “I’m silently assessing your oil needs” because you’ve come to the epic realization that oils are helping create massive healing in your life?


No? Just me?


Anyhoo, it’s EXACTLY like that with self-care!


Self-care is a piece of the puzzle that is our Remembering. It’s a stepping stone, a breadcrumb, a box to check on our To-Do list for Awakening.


It’s the cheese on your Ascension grocery list. So...yeah, it’s important. (If you’re vegan, it’s the kale. The KALE!)


If you think you can just keep plugging along, taking care of everything and everyone else and ignoring the empty cheese drawer in the fridge, you’re only fooling yourself.


You can’t skip this step, and go right to enlightenment. You HAVE to learn to love yourself first and foremost, and it begins with self-care. You have to trudge through the mud to the store to buy the cheese.




Don’t worry, there is good news. Self-care WILL accelerate your healing process in a big way. More than you can even imagine. More than what was fathomable when you were just existing and going through the motions of awakening.


Add in essential oils, and...holy shit, y’all, you’ve just achieved super sonic.


What’s my point?


If you don’t engage in self-care the Universe will find a way to DO. IT. FOR. YOU. Make no mistake, you will get shoved off the cliff. I got shoved off the cliff. Don’t be like me. It’s not fun.


Don’t understand why you got really sick right before you had that big presentation at work? Or got hurt and couldn’t work for a month? Or more?


My gentle nudge was a little vacay to the hospital with severe pneumonia.


So, my point is, we NEED times where we are STILL. Alone. Isolated, even, to process some of this crap coming up that is no longer serving us. And if we don’t seek it out, this stillness and solitude, the Creator will...well, CREATE it through a necessity that resonates with our current vibration. In other words, don’t want to take a break? BAM, how about a broken leg?


You feel me?


Pay attention. Take a hint. Buy a friggin clue, and take it one step at a time, five minutes at a time. One minute, if that’s all you’ve got. As long as you’re climbing down the cliff, no matter how slowly, you won’t be pushed over the edge.


Knowing the tools will ease these periods of quantum healing. Tools such as meditation, deep breathing exercises, time in nature, sunshine, crystals, oracle cards, a high-vibe diet (whatever that means for you), physical movement, and so much more. But, my fave? I know you know…


Essential oils. Duh.


So, start filling that tub, and don’t be stingy with the oils! You’ll thank yourself.


Ascenders, ASSEMBLE!




2 cups Epsom salts

2 cups hydrogen peroxide

2 cups baking soda


If adding essential oils, put a few drops into the salts and let sit for a few minutes before adding to the water. Run the bath as hot as is comfortable for you, and set a timer for 30 mins. Put your earbuds in and hit play on that 432 HZ music and travel to the realms of quantum healing. I’ll see you there.


Love you.


Wendy Lou