Why Lightworkers 

LOVE to Suffer

Though experiencing suffering is in no way exclusive to the Lightworker community, it does seem to affect us Starseeds on a deeper level than others.  


Why is that?


I mean, WTF, Universe?


Before I answer that question, I just want to point out that what you read from this point on is my perspective, my opinion, my take through my personal lens that has been shaped by more than half a century of my unique journey.


There. Disclaimer, check. 


Just in case you’re new to all this “Ascension” stuff, let me throw a little knowledge at you.


Lightworkers are souls who have already experienced ascension elsewhere (Yes, I mean NOT on this planet) at least once. They volunteered to occupy a human body, some for the first time, specifically to help with the major transformation taking place on Earth at this time.


Basically, we’re high-vibing Ascension EXPERTS, and we’ve been sent in to guide humanity through what is being realized as the most profound and challenging evolutionary jump in frequency the planet and its people have ever gone through together. 


Some of us have done this process many, MANY times. If you’ve ever felt like your very SOUL was exhausted, and you’ve never really felt “at home” here on Earth, you are likely one of these brave warriors.


Clients often ask me, then, if Lightworkers are supposed to be such “advanced” beings, why do so many of us struggle with anxiety, depression, addiction and trauma that seem to be on another level compared to a human going through this quantum evolution for the first time?


I mean, it’s like Godzilla vs that little talking gecko dude, am I right?


As a Lightworker who suffered with all the above pretty much since birth, I rarely went a day without wondering why myself. It becomes a trap of victimhood that ensnares us time and time again throughout our lives, regardless of where we’re at on our journey.


So, I decided to ask my guides. 


I mean, DUH. Why on God’s green Earth did I not think of doing that years ago?!?


Well, frankly, I was too busy suffering.


It’s kind of the Lightworker’s MO, isn’t it? 


We LOVE to suffer.


I have lost too many friends, soul family, fellow Lightworkers and truly magical beings of light, to suicide or “accidental” death as a result of suffering, and I was determined to find out WHY. I mean, if we’re some elite cosmic TEAM of Ascension commandos, how do side effects of the human condition seem to be able to pick us off like fish in a barrel?  


So, I asked and Archangel Michael came through.


I’ve noticed he’s a very strong guide for most, if not ALL Lightworkers. He’s like our personal angel. If you haven’t connected with him yet, I HIGHLY recommend you do so. He’s probably been waiting for you to make the first move. He’s shy like that.


He’s been my right hand, my main man, my constant companion and, along with my Higher Self, the voice of reason in my head.


And he can be incredibly ANNOYING sometimes.


I’ve asked questions that he refused to answer, because I loaded them with expectation of the answer. In other words, I asked, but there was only one answer I would hear, and he knew it.


Consequently, and ultimately, for my own good, he’d just shrug his shoulders at me.


So, I knew if I was going to get answers about the particular struggles of the Lightworker, something I was still working through myself, I was going to have to release all expectation and come at it from a neutral place.


The response I received was powerful. I had a visceral response. I immediately began to cry. It resonated so deeply, I knew what I was getting was REAL. It felt like a TRUTH had been added to my internal spiritual library in that moment, a whole new level of KNOWING.


The following is what Michael relayed to me that day, paraphrased, of course.


The origin story of the Lightworker.


Your story...and mine.


First of all, and the most important thing to be aware of as a Lightworker is this:


None of us were forced to be here. We all volunteered, because we wanted to help. We CHOSE this journey.


Suffering and all.


But Michael told me, that, although we chose to be here, when we were first “recruited,” we could not know the extent that the darkness had taken hold down here on Earth, because we came from a state of so much light. 


And all of the Ascension timelines we assisted with before had been from a safe distance, either purely energetic aid from our homes, or on actual ships that would travel close to the planet or star system in need. We had NEVER infiltrated from WITHIN before.




We had definitely lost our awareness of how challenging it is to exist in linear time, limited by the confines of a physical body, and compounded by what is known as “The Forgetting.”


We come here with the intent to affect change, to make the world a better place, but the minute we’re born, we forget everything. It’s part of the deal.


Easy peasy, right?


Michael went on to say that the suffering is part of our initial contract, too, as it is how humanity has lived for centuries, believing that life is hard, that it should be a constant uphill battle just to survive...for most. The few who appear to escape it are considered “elite,” and that status is largely unattainable for the regular ole human, so they’re taught to not even try. They’re raised to believe that working to create a better life for themselves above their perceived station is a waste of time.


And we get caught up in this reality, too. I mean, as far as we knew, and thanks to The Forgetting, that’s how things worked, right?


We’re also, for the most part, very high vibrational beings compared to most of humanity. Now, I don’t say this out of vanity. We are not “better” than any precious soul inhabiting a human body who is simply here to ascend, to evolve and grow. We’re just more experienced.


We’re the tour guides on the jungle safari, out in front, hacking away at the massive leaves and foliage with our giant knives. We’re clearing the path.


It’s important to mention that the one hurdle all Lightworkers must move through and heal is the Savior Complex. Even with The Forgetting, we all have this deep sense that we came here to save the world, and this can translate to NEEDING to be a superhero.


Let’s get one thing straight. Lightworker and Superhero are NOT the same thing.


And the very act of trying to save everyone is exhausting, and detrimental to our mission, and their evolution. And when we’re exhausted, we are more vulnerable to mental and emotional issues.


Because we, the Volunteers, have fallen several levels of density in an instant, and we forget who we are the second we’re born, abruptly being plugged into the reality matrix of this current illusion is quite a shock to our individual soul identities.


Understandably, we immediately resist it.


And resistance to the flow of the Universe is what causes anxiety, depression, addiction and trauma.


In other words, resistance causes suffering.




Now, you may be thinking how can being trapped in a reality matrix be part of the flow of the Universe?


Good question!


The answer is EVERYTHING that happens in the Universe is part of the flow...it may not be all love and light, but it still flows, and it’s still working for the highest good of all that is.


This does NOT mean that you shouldn’t resist injustice, or allow yourself to be abused or manipulated. The resistance I’m referring to is ENERGETIC, within the energy body. Resisting your journey, pushing against every present moment, not allowing or accepting where you’re at, is energetic resistance, and will create problems for you.


In short, our very presence here is like shoving a square peg into a round hole, or forcing an elephant into a small doghouse. Not just TRYING to do these things, but succeeding. 


Discomfort is a given.


And we need to find a way to be okay with it, because that is how we heal it. 


I asked Michael what we can do to stop fighting against our situation and move forward on our mission to help save humanity.


His answer was one word.




See what I mean, how he can be really annoying sometimes?


Then he said, “We have given you all the tools you need to do this, though even those will not be needed forever, for it is all inside you.”


I asked him what he meant.


“Gaia provides. She has created an environment where sound waves can vibrate within the human form unhindered. (Some realities do not have what we call “sound” at all.) She creates plants and stones for healing, and to anchor the physical energy body to Her crystalline core. She births a spectrum of colors to facilitate expansion and growth through the eyes. To surrender to Gaia, to allow her to help, is difficult for the Lightworker, as they are used to feeling all of their power, but the human experience is just coming out of the time of limitation, and it is your task to overcome these limitations, and show others how to do the same. For THAT is your true mission. And remember, Gaia herself is a Lightworker too.”


Needless to say, I felt like a dummy. 


We have everything we need. Gaia is here to help, not to hinder. She, thanks to the Divine Guidance of the Creator, has been holding the tools for our success since we arrived, keeping them safe, waiting for us to be ready to use them. 


And I don’t mean to learn to smell the flowers, or appreciate a sunset in all its glory, or listen to the sounds of a rushing river once in a while, but REALLY use them to catapult humanity to the next level.


I’m talking about INTENTION.


Gaia has held the secrets all along.


Because She is one of us.


It’s time to utilize these amazing tools to heal ourselves of the human condition, so we can then begin to help others heal.


It’s time to INTENTIONALLY take our healing to a whole new level.


It’s time we move past the 3D illusion of suffering, and get to our REAL work.

Love you,

Wendy Lou