My Journey and How to Speak Your Truth!

The world is...different.

The energy of “living small” is over. We’re all feeling it, whether you relate it to the great cosmic shift happening right now or not, whether you believe there even IS a shift, and even if you don’t buy into “everything is energy.” You’re feeling it.

Even the air feels new, somehow. The sky, bluer, the trees, crisper, the ground, more inviting.

Plugging along, going through the motions of life, taking care of all the logistics, but never really FEELING...yeah, that’s yesterday’s news, guys.

It’s time to OWN YOUR POWER through your emotions.

It’s time to shout if from the rooftops.

It’s time to FEEL.

And that can suck eggs sometimes.

But we’re doing it, and we’ll continue doing it until we reach a level of vibration where it just HAPPENS. Where we don’t even have to think about it. That’s where I want to be.

In my personal journey, it started with self-care of my physical body. I had gotten very thin, and I was having tunnel vision when I’d stand up. I was eating NO fat. I was starving my body, and my brain. So, I adjusted my diet. Easy peasy.

Then, came the emotional shifting. I was forced to reevaluate my inner monologue. You know, that voice that’s always in your head telling you how fat and ugly and unworthy you are…? We call that the subconscious. It’s not our enemy, it’s just replaying the tape, on a perpetual loop, of the language we programmed into it. So, I began to reprogram the message.

At the time, it was the hardest thing I’d ever done. There was a lot of EFT going on. If you don’t know what that is, look it up. It’s magical, and it helped me immensely to get through that part of my life. As a tool, it eventually fell away, but I still would recommend it to anyone just starting this journey.

I’ll just be frank. EFT kept me from killing myself. (Raw enough for you?)

Not only did I have to become aware of when I’d say awful (and totally untrue) things to myself, and immediately shift it, whether I believed the new message or not, I also had to learn to ignore other people when they would chime in with their judgments and opinions of me. Of course, everything is a mirror, and I’d invited that treatment for so long, it’s something I STILL work on daily. Judgment is a HUGE hamster wheel we all must face, and destroy. But, I’ve come so far, even I can’t believe it some days. The hamster wheel is going DOWN, dog!

I am a different person, inside and out since then, and that was exactly 6 years ago as I write this.

Six years ago, I began my Awakening.

And I’ve never looked back.

Okay, that’s not true. I looked back, I admit, LONGINGLY, all the time. But it’s like being in a wheelchair and someone else is pushing you. You can look back all you want, but you’re not going that way. Not anymore. And not ever again. (Your guides would be the ones pushing the chair in this analogy, just FYI.)

There were times when I wanted to go back into the Matrix. Be numb again. Be asleep and ignorant, but there was something...something inside me that refused to allow that desire to become anything more. Something inside me KNEW I HAD to do this.

And in that respect, at least, I’ve never looked back.

It was around this time that I discovered the true power of essential oils. Before that, I has seen them soothe my baby’s cough, and ease the whole family’s seasonal allergies, but I still hadn’t seen, really SEEN, what oils can, and were put here on Earth, to do for us.

I was fortunate that the very first company I was exposed to was a good one. Pure, therapeutic grade, DRINKABLE, oils, grown organically (most of the time, well above the FDA’s standards, in fact), and created by people who really, truly wanted to HELP humanity. There are now a few companies with these incredible standards.

It’s a good thing, because when I realized how much the oils could help me, I was drinking them like Otis on The Andy Griffith Show.

Unabashedly, unashamedly, and unapologetically.

I was an essential oil “drunk.”

Full disclosure, I still am, and I plan to be until the day I decide to move on to my next adventure. And then, I’m sure I’ll choose an incarnation that has access to essential oils.

One thing you need to understand...ANYTHING you use to help you heal, whether emotionally, spiritually, physically, or mentally, is going to purge that particular energy body, or more than one, and purging is no picnic.

Essential oils is one of those “tools” that purge EVERY SINGLE energy body at once.

What I’m trying to say, is that healing requires purging, and purging brings about a total rebirth of the YOU that you are meant to be.

And we all know how much FUN the first birth into this life (probably) was.

They say that birth is the biggest trauma many of us experience, even more so than death.

Coming into existence in a new plane is HARD, and that’s exactly what this Awakening is doing for us. Allowing us to exist on a NEW level of vibration, a level that will see peace, harmony, vibrant health, joy and bliss become the norm...eventually.

And essential oils can amplify, and, at the same time, EASE, this rebirth.

So, while they facilitate purging of the old, they also make it as easy as possible, as easy as you allow in your highest good. As easy as you choose, that will still give you the growth and expansion you asked for before you came here.

Anyhoo, let’s get back on track…

My next step in this Awakening was to become aware of my spiritual energy body. I had ignored it, pretended it wasn’t a thing, my whole life. Now, it was pounding on the door day and night, demanding attention. Demanding healing.

You see, I had taken everything I didn’t want to deal with, anything I didn’t think I could handle, and shoved it in my spiritual energy body (and in certain areas of my physical body). I saw it as an empty space that I could store things and never think of them again. (“Here, hold this. Forever.”)


How wrong I was.

So, I let my spiritual side in, and that’s when I really started to see the world in a new way. I healed traumas across time and space, and for generations of my ancestors. I sought out healers, teachers, gurus, and discovered tools that helped. Besides essential oils, I found oracle cards, crystals, wands, candles, meditation, walking in nature, 432 HZ music, and the list goes on…

I started to SEE energy, and realized that I could read other people’s fields rather easily. It was kind of freaky.

As I traveled my path, every time I’d uplevel, reality suddenly got CLEARER. Things were so crisp and sharp, it hurt my eyes. I still experience this when I’ve broken through another layer, and now it makes me smile.

But I was changing. I was BECOMING someone new. It felt foreign and oh so familiar at the same time. It was magical and excruciating at the same time.

But, whatever I was feeling, it felt more RIGHT than I’d ever imagined anything could feel.

I knew I was on the right track.

So, I kept going.

I am one of those people who’s mental energy body is dominant. Type A, OCD, likes being in charge, Capricorn kind of person. You get the drift.

I was even drawn to the military early in life, and spent a decade in the Air Force. I managed an office, and I loved it. It satisfied my mental body like a fine wine.

But it did jack shit for the other energy bodies.

Healing and balancing all the energy bodies is a daily task, but one I revel in these days. My brain still likes to lead, but that’s okay. We all have a dominant energy body. The goal is to be able to tap into the others when needed, when you know you’re letting one get a little out of hand.

And of course, our mission in this life, at this time, on this planet, is to learn to live from our hearts (aka, our emotional body), and show others by example how to do the same. This new paradigm, this new vibration is all about the FEELS.

So, enough about me…

Let’s talk about speaking your truth.

This entire journey has brought us here. It will all be for naught if we can’t take ACTION.

Now is the time.

Not tomorrow. Not next week. Not “someday soon.”


Having throat issues? Stand up for yourself and say what you need to say!

Old, even childhood, memories, illnesses and injuries showing up mysteriously after years, or decades of being absent? Tell that person that did that thing to you when you were kids what you know you NEED to tell them! If it’s not possible to talk to them, tap into their energy and tell them in the aether. I promise, this does the trick just as well. Just tell them from your heart. (“Do no harm, but take no shit.” Not sure who said this, but it’s awesome.)

I call it word vomit. Once you start sharing your truth, you won’t be able to stop. And that’s a beautiful thing.

And, eventually, you’ll stop caring what anyone else thinks about your truth.

And that’s fucking magical.

That’s when you know you’ve done it.

You’ve healed SO MUCH of your energy bodies, that you’re ready to step out of the shadows.

Don’t feel that you’re there yet? That’s okay. Start small. Don’t like the way someone spoke to you on the phone? Tell them. Feel like YOU should be in charge of that new project at work? Talk to the boss. Your favorite restaurant got your order wrong, again? TELL THEM.

It doesn’t have to be you against the world in the biggest issues that divide least not yet. ;-)

This new energy is meant to infuse us with confidence, with motivation and courage. It’s integrating in us to raise us to the next level and show us who we really are. WE ARE POWERFUL.

You don’t have to be a lifelong activist to step into your own soul mission. Maybe your mission is to open your own flower shop, and spread light and love. That’s a HUGE mission, let me tell you. Just because you’re not in the paper every day, protesting this or that, doesn’t mean you’re not doing your job! It doesn’t mean you’re not changing the world for the better. Flowers are severely underrated. Their power to heal is infinite. ( oils…)

Whatever you’re called to do, do it, and do it BIG. As big as you can, bigger than you can imagine. Just set your intention to keep expanding and growing and evolving, and you’ll get there.

Stagnation has gone the way of the dinosaur. It’s part of the old programming.

“Settling” is no longer in the energy. NO MORE SETTLING. Not in career path, love life, your car, NOTHING.

Competition is for those souls choosing to stay in 3D.

Break free of these things.

Need a little support during this time of rediscovery? FEELING your power, but not sure how to unleash it into the world? Are you maybe, even just a little, afraid of your own power, so you’re holding back?

I want to help you shout your truth, if that’s what you need to do! I want to give you that edge of calm confidence you might be missing to catapult you into eating, sleeping and breathing your truth.

Are you ready?

Let your power out of its cage. No fear. No regrets. Only truth.

Ascenders, ASSEMBLE!


Love you,

Wendy Lou