It’s Okay To Take a Break From Healing

I know, that’s a weird title, isn’t it?

HOW in the bloody hell can we take a break from the cosmic process going on that would probably be happening whether we existed in this plane or not? I mean, It’s occurring on a GALACTIC level!

That seems WAY above our pay-grades.

I don’t know about you, but this “our galaxy is travelling into a higher, denser area of space that is forcing us to raise our frequency to match, meaning healing any and all trauma we’ve ever experienced, EVER” crap is exhausting.

I’m exhausted.

We’re like Goose in Top Gun. We feel all the G’s, but Maverick is flying the plane. Mav is in control. We’re just along for the ride, right?

Okay, Goose dies...bad analogy.

We’re like a speck of dust on a tennis ball that is soaring through space with a gazillion other tennis balls of various sizes.

Seemingly powerless, but feeling every energetic shift all the same.


What if I told you the specks of dust are actually in charge? That the specks CREATED the tennis ball, and all the other balls, and all the other specks of dust?

(This is starting to sound like a Rifftrax episode, and I love it.)

Yep. Specks of dust or not, WE are running this show.

You see, collectively, WE are ALL the specks of dust, and when we REMEMBER that we are CONNECTED in a cosmic grid of consciousness, we realize that we are manifesting everything that is happening, here on Earth, and out in the vastness of outer space.

Pretty epic specks of dust, eh?

We are everything, and everything is us.

The Dalai Lama walks into a pizza joint, and says, “Make me one with everything.”

Get it?

Stay with me here…

If we are at the helm, then what’s stopping us from putting the ship on autopilot and catching a nap? Or engaging the cloaking device, and just...observing for awhile?

Absolutely NOTHING.

We don’t need the entire collective consciousness to do this, just our projection of it, our individual expression of experience that we call our identity. The Earth will go on spinning, I promise.

When we are caught up in the constant energy waves, one after another, pushing us to heal this, or transmute that, sometimes it can become another negative belief system, and we create the loop that, then, we get trapped in.

That’s confusing...let me simplify it.

Because all we knew before this Ascension process was hamster wheels of belief systems that controlled us, sometimes we can take the healing process and cram it into the same limiting space. We build the hamster wheel because that’s what we know. And sometimes, the easiest way off that hamster wheel is to shut it all down using our master switch. (Didn't know you had a master switch, did ya?)

Sometimes, we have to go dark.

And, each of us has the power to do this.

Wanna know how?

PROCLAIM it, for Pete’s sake!

You’re the boss!

Tell your guides, your SOUL, your HIGHER SELF, tell the UNIVERSE that you need to disconnect for a bit, to rest, to rebuild your energetic strength, to reconnect with the self that is outside all this turmoil.

The YOU that is just observing from a safe distance.

No purging, no healing some past-life trauma, no “processing.” Just BE-ing.

And then take a sledge hammer to that damn hamster wheel.


This doesn’t mean that the Ascension process will go on without you, and you’ll have to play catch up. Nope. You’ll come back in right where you need to be, ready to kick butt and take names.

Remember the old TV show, “The A-Team?” Remember how they would ALWAYS have to drug Mr. T to get him on a plane? Yeah? (If not, Google it! Good show.)

It’ll be kind of like that. You’ll still be ON the plane, and you’ll still arrive at the destination we’re all heading for, but you will have essentially slept through that part of the journey.

Think of it this way. It’s no different, really, than all those years you may have spent “asleep” or numb before you began your personal awakening. You’re still here, growing, expanding and evolving, right? Those years asleep were necessary for your experience to happen the way you needed it to, for your highest good. And sometimes, disconnecting from it all for just a bit is in your highest good, too.

Don’t misunderstand me. I’m not talking about getting plugged back IN to the Matrix, No way. It’s too late for that, anyway. Because you’re not part of the programming anymore, you can exist under the radar for a time. I’ll just say it. You can hide. And there are times when I NEED to hide. You feel me?

Now, I’m not talking about months or years of checking out, here, but when we need a day, or a few days, or even a week to just focus on nothing and no one else but our basic survival needs, it’s not only okay to do so, it might just be imperative for future growth. Just like the old paradigm, the old way of doing things, when we would get burned out, we can get burned out on healing, too. We can feel burned out on Ascension. That’s a sign that maybe, just maybe, your perspective needs shifting, and sometimes, a full RESET is in order.

In short, allow yourself to take a frickin’ break from EVERYTHING.

You’re not abandoning anyone. You’re not “cheating,” or taking the easy way (and if you were, what the hell is wrong with that? This isn’t supposed to be SO hard), or withdrawing in an unhealthy way. You’re taking care of YOU. And that, essentially, is your primary job here, in this life, on this planet, at this time.

Withdrawing might just be the highest form of self-care there is.

(Ooh, I think I’m on to something here…)

Remembering who we are is the key to showing others how to do the same. And we can’t always see the finish line when we’re in a perpetual cycle of purging and releasing. That’s when we tend to lose focus on what the hell we’re doing here in the first place.

How Do You Shut Down Without...well...Shutting Down?

INTENTION is EVERYTHING. But, first, you have to find a place that will allow you to just BE...

If you live in a small cottage on the beach with no one else around, well, good for you. You’re in the perfect place for a short hiatus.

Most of us aren’t in that position, however. I know, for me, I homeschool, so my youngest two children are ALWAYS HERE.

(I love my kids, I love my kids, I love my kids...)

When I need to be truly alone, I go somewhere. When the healing was particularly difficult on my emotional body, I took a solo trip to a mountain hot springs for three days. It was terrifying. I’d never felt so alone. No internet, no cell service, and I went in the off-season, so, truly, LITERALLY, I was alone.

And it was exactly what I needed to hide from the world for a short time. I didn’t focus on releasing, or healing, or confronting anything. I just sat in the springs, ate when I was hungry, and slept.

The numbness of it all was comforting. And, I knew it was just a bridge to the next step, the next level of my existence, because I set that intention from the beginning. I knew, and THIS IS IMPORTANT, that I wasn’t going to stay in that space for very long. I knew it was temporary. I knew I would be jumping right back into the collective journey with everyone else, and that was okay.

It was almost like I’d removed myself from the timeline, from EVERY timeline, from linear time completely, and it ended up launching me forward more than I could have imagined when I came back into my life. If you can imagine removing yourself from TIME, turning off and turning back on, and then, when you’re ready, hopping back in where you need to be...that’s what it felt like.

So, if this is resonating BIG TIME with you (hehe...time…), then give yourself permission to get outta Dodge for a few days, or however long you can. If you can only do a few hours, don’t despair, just do it. I do recommend being in a place PHYSICALLY with no distractions, i.e. things that trigger you, but if you're an advanced meditater, this may not be necessary. You know YOU.

Even if all you can do right now to get away is go to bed at night, then that will be enough. Set the intention to get the break you need while you sleep, and get cozy. Let the thoughts float out, visualize the negative beliefs disintegrating, and know that the Universe has your back...

...and so do I.

Ascenders, ASSEMBLE!

Love you,

Wendy Lou