What are Chakras and Why are They Important?

Let’s face it. Even your great aunt Edna, who rolls her eyes when you talk about healing with essential oils, has heard the term.




But what, exactly, are the ever-lovin’ things?


“Lemme esplain. No, there is too much. Lemme sum up.” (Movie reference, gold star if you know it!)


According to the dictionary, the chakras are the centers of spiritual power in the human body. And that’s a good start...but, in my opinion, they are much, MUCH more. Like, a gazillion times more. (It’s a number!) Chakras are energy centers, and energy ain’t just spiritual.


Energy is quite literally WHAT. WE. ARE. Energy is EVERYTHING. And everything is energy.


So, it makes sense that the chakras, the energy centers of the human body, would be kind of important. You dig? Real quick, here is a brief description of each one, including what body systems and functions each controls.


The Main Chakras of the Body

(Insert graph)


That’s right. I just said the chakras CONTROL body systems and their functions. You still with me? Of course you are, because you’re smart! Let’s keep going. As you can see, the body has seven main chakras, the big ones, the bosses, if you will, that affect us on a profound level. One might even say a “Quantum” level.


What Happens When the Chakras are Aligned?


When they’re all spinning harmoniously, in symbiosis, the chakras keep us right as rain, spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally. In short, we’re not just alive, but thriving! We’re dancin’ in the streets, people! When the chakras are happy and aligned, so are we. When I created my All The Chakras! essential oil blend, THIS is what I was going for. I wanna see you dance like no one’s lookin’!


How Do Our Chakras Get Out of Alignment?


The hard truth of the matter is, that most of us, if not all, come into this world with something at least a tad out of sync. I know. That sucks. But, that’s what we signed up for. Especially if we’ve been here a MILLION times (not that I would know what that’s like...wink wink), we bring in trauma from other lives, or contracts we made in the ether, or ancestral baggage. 99% of us bring in SOMETHING that keeps our chakras from being totally aligned, and it’s our job, in this life, to figure out what that something is, and heal it.


I won’t say “fix it.” I’ll never say “fix it,” simply because we are not broken toys that can be glued back together. Let me repeat.


We are not broken.


YOU are not broken.


So…”If it’s not Baroque, don’t fix it!” (Second movie reference, are you keeping up?)


Okay. Spinning and aligned, good. Wonky and out of sync, not good. Everybody got that? Good.


That’s Not All…


Besides the stuff we bring with us at birth, what else can cause our chakras to get out of alignment with each other? Well, unfortunately, the list is endless. You’re probably already rattling things off in your head. You are, aren’t you? See, I knew you were smart!


To name just a few…


And so on, and so on...


Do you see what I mean? We’re kind of doomed from the get-go.


Don’t panic. There is good news. In fact, it’s kinda epic.


The Universe Gave Us Everything We Need


I mean, the Universe could have decided (and this is you and I deciding, remember, since WE are the Universe) to just drop us down here in human bodies as blobs of energy with no order, no cohesion, no frickin’ way to evolve, but it didn’t. The Universe (me and you) knew we would need some sort of multi-dimensional engine, or engineS, working as one to reign all that cosmic energy in. And boy do we!


These engines are...shout it out with me...




“And there was much rejoicing…” (Last movie quote, promise.)


How Do We KNOW When Our Chakras are Out of Alignment?


You would think it would be obvious to us when our chakras are out of whack, but, remember, we are BORN with them all zig-zaggy, so we’re not used to the feeling of everything being hunky dory, are we? Well, the Universe thought of that, too!


Most of us don’t have a built-in alarm in our brains that goes off when a chakra shimmies out of position, or starts spinning BACKWARDS (had that in my sacral...I’ll do another blog post on that, if you’re interested!), and we tend to ignore the spiritual, mental and emotional bodies on a daily basis (admit it, we do), so when something is amiss, often, it takes our physical bodies to get the message to us, in real time.


Your Body is Trying To Tell You Something


This is the oh so familiar story…


Life is super busy, you’re struggling to keep up, but you’re giving it your all. Self care has fallen by the wayside, and everyone is pulling you in a different direction, and then...BAM...you get sick, or you get...God forbid, in an accident of some sort (hopefully not too traumatic), or something physical that you perceive as BAD happens? Yeah, we can all relate to this situation, can’t we?


This is your BODY telling you something is going on in your energy that needs tending to.


Maybe a recent decision you made has led you down a path that is not serving you, or led you to someONE who is not serving you. Maybe someone else’s energy is floating around in yours and it’s time to send it packing. Maybe a childhood trauma has been triggered and it’s ready to be healed, but you’ve been ignoring it because, well, it’s painful. Maybe, just maybe, you’re OWNING your path, and you’re rocking it, but you’re trying to do too much, and you’re not getting enough rest.


It can be that simple.


It can also be much, much more complex. I will only mention here, because I think we all know on some level that this is true, that a severe misalignment that goes unchecked will cause fatal disease, accidents and events. Especially where a lot of people with seriously jacked up chakras are living in one space. I will say, however, that the time for this intense and collective negative energy is falling away, and we’re heading into a new, beautiful reality that we are creating, where these things will be extremely rare. This is my personal opinion. We are learning to pay attention to our bodies, and becoming aware that energy and frequency are the answer. We got this.


Deep breath.


Let’s move on.


We Can Heal the Body by Healing the Chakras and Vice Versa


Now for the good stuff.


We not only CAN heal our chakras, and, in turn, heal our bodies (and the other way ‘round), but it is our JOB to do so in this life. Don’t worry, you can’t be fired from this job. You can quit, but that is a decision that is made at the soul level, and you would already have done so if that were the case. You definitely wouldn’t be reading this woo-woo!


Many go to the doctor when their bodies are ailing, and that is just fine. I don’t hesitate to make an appointment if I feel something is beyond my control, with myself or my kids. Either way, I don’t judge. Everyone has to do what they’re drawn to do, according to their own intuition. If medicine helps, go for it.


My experience and expertise is in the realm of alternative “medicine.” Meditation, yoga, Reiki, other energy work, CST, sound frequency healing, crystals, herbs, light therapy, grounding, good old fashioned sunshine, physical movement, dense nutrition, and, you guessed it, ESSENTIAL OILS!!!


Essential oils are my JAM, y’all, and I’m not afraid to shout it from the rooftops! In conjunction with any or all of the things I just listed, whatever feels right for you, essential oils amplify and speed up healing in ALL the energy bodies. Even just by themselves, they do amazing things for us, but I do recommend a daily practice of various natural modalities. They all work in symbiosis, and are downright magical when used in this way. Again, this is my personal opinion. You do YOU.


Essential Oils deliver nutrients with ease throughout the body...anywhere they are needed. Oils inherently raise your frequency, and that strengthens the body and allows healing to take place. They give your body what it needs to heal itself.


Essential oils also have the highest frequency of any natural substance known on the planet.


Read that again. I’ll wait.


Got it?


Essential oils are high-vibe. When you put them in your body, they raise your frequency. When your frequency goes up, your chakras feel it, and they react. When your frequency goes up, it helps your chakras spin effortlessly, and align with each other, which is their natural state. When your frequency goes up, your chakras REMEMBER what they’re supposed to be doing, and they do it.


And this can heal dis-ease in the body.


Sound good?


I think it’s time to start healing those chakras!


Thanks for reading! Have a wonderfully OILY day!

Love you,


Wendy Lou