You Have ONE Job

...but what the hell is it?


It has been shared by many of my personal guides--corporeal and otherwise--that one must be at least 51% service-to-others in order to experience this upleveling of humanity we’ve come to call “Ascension.” In other words, more than half of your energy, your “BEing,” should be wholly committed to helping others. You’ve probably heard this or something similar yourself.


But, we’re also told (over and over and over) that it’s not our job to save anyone but ourselves.


How can both be true? How do we reconcile these rather big nuggets of woo-woo wisdom with each other?


Well, here’s my take.

You have one job.




Period, dot, the end.


That is an oversimplification of it, perhaps, but that’s really what we’re here to do, what we’re meant to do, every minute of every day.

Every decision you make should be weighed and measured on a scale of “Which one feeds my soul at this moment?”

Sometimes, it’s an easy choice, a no-brainer, like deciding between fruit or chocolate for dessert (I mean, come on), and sometimes, it’s more of a chess move. We must ask ourselves, “Which one will lead more directly to the next thing that will feed my soul?”


I get it. It’s hard to imagine that choosing between vacuuming first or running errands first could feed your soul in any way, but maybe vacuuming leads to a clean(er) house, which leads to peace of mind, because a clean house is important to you, which leads to running errands then after vacuuming, and returning home knowing the house is clean, and possibly at a time of day when the kids are having their “screen time,” (vacuuming would be rude), and, oh, look, a cat vomited on the dining room table, and the puppy somehow managed to locate and chew up your son’s birth certificate, so after handling those two exciting adventures, BAM! Time to make dinner…


Maybe vacuuming feeds your soul just a little more than running errands first and coming home to a dirty carpet...and cat puke on the table.


Get it?


I hope so, cuz I need a nap after that record-breaking run-on sentence.


So, if we look at it from a little different perspective, we can see how focusing on saving ourselves, on growing our own souls, AND helping others actually go hand-in-hand. In fact, one is a product of the other, and vice versa.


Let’s break this down. If you are SOURCE, if you are LOVE in your purest form, i.e., your soul being your purest form, and your ONE JOB is to grow and expand that soul to embody more and more love, then following the path that feeds your soul would mean you’re living from your heart, and living from your heart would ultimately lead to one act of love after another, right? 


Remember, even triggering someone is an act of love. It’s in their highest good to be triggered so they can see what needs to be healed within themselves. So, everything we do, as long as it feeds our souls, is an act of love, and, as a matter of fact, DIVINE love, because it’s coming directly from our souls, for our growth and the growth of the entire collective.


Walk further down this road with me, won’t you? Acts of love can be for ourselves or others, so helping others, guiding others, supporting others in times of need are logical, eventual outcomes of following the path that feeds our souls. You’re inevitably going to help someone, whether you set that intention or not, when you live from your heart. And when we help others, and it’s not to our own detriment, it feels good, which raises our frequency, and grows our souls. It’s a WIN-WIN!


Hold on...hand cramp.


Okay, I’m back!


Now the question becomes, how do we achieve that minimum 51% service-to-others, if we focus solely on growing our own soul? 


First and foremost, don’t panic. This transition is happening, and we’re being upgraded to match the new frequency the Milky Way is now traveling through. We’re being pushed through the healing, as it were, to clear our hearts of fear, anger, resentment...of hate. We’re being pushed to purify our hearts so that we can truly live from love. It’s not something you have to be concerned about, because it’s happening on a grander scale. So, don’t go out and do something that does NOT feed your soul, even if it helps someone else, because you think you need some bonus points to get to 51%. This is exactly the OPPOSITE of living from your heart.


To explain my perspective further, I’d like to refer to my previous blog post on self-care. If you haven’t read that one, yet, here’s the link: 


We’re supposed to take care of ourselves first, before anyone else, right? That’s what all this self-care business is about, after all, isn’t it? The whole “put your own oxygen mask on before helping someone else with theirs” thing? 




How do we put ourselves first AND be more service-to-others than service-to-self? It just doesn’t make a lick o’ sense!


If we’re here to be a minimum of 51% service-to-others, but always have to meet our own personal needs in the bloody hell are we supposed to do that?


The raw truth is, if you’re on this awakening journey, when you’re learning to heal yourself, you most definitely will not be operating at 51% service-to-others (except in the broader concept that you doing your inner work helps the collective, but that’s for another post).


And that’s okay.


In fact, it’s absolutely necessary. Healing requires getting down and dirty with your demons, getting to know your ego on a whole new level, and digging deep to get to the real you. It’s not pretty. You have to get lost in yourself. Complete and total self-absorption is just part of the process, at least for a little while.


Have you ever wondered why this Ascension of humanity hasn’t happened yet? Because the Universe has been waiting for us, for enough of us to heal ourselves, to reach critical mass and climb out the other end of this great purging. The Universe is waiting for us to be ready to jump head-first into our soul missions. (In truth, it’s not really waiting per se. I mean, the Universe doesn’t have a pause button. It’s always in motion, always creating, and evolving. But, you get it.)


The time we spend healing, we’re probably hovering somewhere around 90-95% service to SELF, because that’s where we need to be to truly SEE who we are. When we are healed enough to step back into the light, or, for many of us, into the light for the first time, we have become our own gurus. We have taken charge of our own healing, and creating our reality. When we emerge from the intensive healing process, we are the teachers, the guides, the Masters.


And when you become the Master of yourself, less time is required for your inner work. Less time and less energy. And less energy being used for the self, means more energy available guessed it...OTHERS! One percent may not seem like much, but in the Ascension game, it’s HUGE.


One more thing I wanted to touch on. This whole “balance” thing...we’re meant to be the perfect balance of masculine and feminine, of dark and light, of yin and yang, so how does it figure that we need to be more than half of one thing over another, when both are so important to our soul growth? 


My take on this is that we will reach a perfect balance within ourselves, but anything that goes over 50% represents our connection to the collective consciousness. So, on the level of our individual souls, balance is exactly what we’ll have, with the collective “soul” growing and expanding the more service-to-others we become. 


All this means is that meeting our own needs will become easier and easier as we learn how to do inner work on the quantum level. We simply won’t need weeks of seclusion to work through a trauma from a past life, because all of that will be gone, and the only purging we’ll be doing will be from situations in the moment. It doesn’t mean we’ll care less about ourselves, and our own well-being. Far from it. We’ll be embodying our souls more than we’ve ever done on this planet as human beings. We’ll be more US than ever before. In fact, we already are.


You have to look at it from an energetic standpoint, rather than humanity’s limited understanding of the mathematical Universe. What we know of the cosmos would fit on the head of a pin compared to the infinite knowledge it holds. Energetically, we strive to be in balance, and we will achieve that on this path, as well as being more interconnected than ever before, then we ever imagined was possible. It’s energy, not rocket science.


I hope that makes some sense.


...and I think that’s all I have for you today.


Congratulations, you’ve found your way out of the labyrinth! Please exit through the gift shop to your right.


And remember, you have one job. 




Do this, and everything else will fall into place. Like magic. 


We got this.


(And vacuum first. It just makes sense. Oh, and obviously chocolate.)


Ascenders, assemble!!


I love you.


Wendy Lou