The Imperfect Parent

How to Be the Guides Our Children Really Need

Let's be honest, being a parent is a daily challenge. Heck, sometimes it's a 

minute-by-minute lesson in patience and restraint, am I right? 

If you're already aware that becoming a better parent requires intense and intentional self-healing, then you're well on your way! 

As you heal your own trauma, you notice that your children don't trigger you as much, and you feel lighter, happier, more PRESENT!

But, HOW do you actually CHANGE the way you interact 

and engage with your children so they have a clear path 

to their own lives of joy and abundance?

HOW do you let go of all the previous parenting "rules" 

you subscribed to your whole life, and do better? 

HOW do you become the parent you wish you had?

In "The Imperfect Parent," I teach: